Adjusting to Downsizing Your Home

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Moving into a smaller space can be convenient for a lot of reasons. Downsizing is typically a ‘normal’ part of life at some point. But, actually making the move doesn’t have to be a hassle. For starters, using a professional moving company can make the transition easier for you. But, there are also a few tips you can keep in mind to make the transition a seamless one. Downsizing doesn’t have to mean ‘giving up’ the things you’re used to.

Start Big With Furniture

When you’re using long distance movers, it can be hard to measure every room in your new space. But, you should have a rough idea of the square footage of each room. Once you know the measurements, you’ll know what will be able to fit. Start with the largest pieces of furniture first when you’re planning out and setting up a room. That way, you can maneuver them easily, and add in smaller items, decor, etc. around them. You wouldn’t want to introduce a large piece of furniture into a room last, only to find it doesn’t fit with everything else in there.

Downsize Your Belongings

When you’re packing, you may want to go through your belongings and decide what’s most important. Creating ‘piles’ and lists of things is a great way to stay organized while doing this. Obviously, you’ll want a list of things to keep, and then you can play around with what’s left. This can include donating some items, selling others, and even utilizing storage in Chula Vista, or wherever you need it. Keeping some items in storage is a great way to keep them safe and protected, until you find a more permanent solution for them. But, going through your belongings and downsizing them to fit the space of your new home will ease a lot of headaches later on.

Disassemble What You Can

Speaking of furniture, disassemble as much of it as you can during the move. That will make it easier to move into a smaller space, where you can reassemble it and set it up where you’d like. A fully-assembled dresser may not fit into your new, smaller bedroom. But, if it’s taken apart and put back together, it could be a perfect fit. Keep all small pieces together, including screws and bolts – you can actually attach them to the piece of furniture they belong to in a small plastic bag, for easy organization.

Moving into a smaller space is all about strategy and a little bit of compromise when it comes to making the most of your belongings. You don’t have to give up the things you love most, just because your home is a bit smaller. In fact, downsizing is a great way to become more organized, live more frugally, and start a new adventure. Whatever your reasons for downsizing may be, use these simple tips to make the moving process easier. By the time you do move into your new space, these tips will also help it to feel a lot ‘bigger,’ and a lot more like home.